What People Have Said About Our Events

“This was such an informative talk! I learned a lot about preparing for aging in place for myself and family members. I thought the speakers were great!”

“Once again I attended a zoom meeting (Dave Tasto’s Thriving at Home®) that the Senior Center offered. I learned so much from him and also he confirmed a lot of things I was doing.”

“This was such a timely topic! It was a broad overview & there were several areas that I really wish there had been time to give more details & examples.”


“Very organized – very good power point slides.”


“Excellent – especially about advance planning for illness, etc.”

“Thriving at Home® provides readers with important guidance regarding preparing for and
recovering from a hospitalization. It is more important now than ever to have clarity
about how to manage medical conditions, related needs, and how to mobilize services to
avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. Thriving at Home® is a helpful guide for readers - and
their caregivers – when considering their needs, care preferences, and type of services
and supports they need to achieve their goals of living well at home.”

– Amy Boutwell, MD, MPP Developer, STAAR, ASPIRE & MVP Methods President, Collaborative Healthcare Strategies

“Thriving at Home® is a thoughtful and informative guide for patients and caregivers alike. The
guide highlights important tips such as how to take care of yourself at home and key
information for preparing for a hospital stay if one is needed.  Equally as important, you will
learn what you need to know before leaving the hospital and how to identify what services you
need once you are home, to keep you at home.

– Debra Sylvester, NP, Boston-based Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Doctorate in Nursing Candidate, Yale University (2021)

“Thriving at Home® is an excellent guide to support ‘aging in place.’ Hospitalizations and
discharges for chronic conditions can be overwhelming, especially in a world of changing
technology. Empowering patients and caregivers with a guide that maps out possible pitfalls
and answers questions are important first steps to reducing re-hospitalizations.”

– Jennifer Collins, M.D., Cardiologist, Lahey Hospital

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